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When a student comes into the studio, wether it is for the first or hundredth time, it brings a warmth to my heart. I know that they came to me seeking to become healthier and happier. I greet my students by asking them how they are doing, how the day has treated them, and if they have any problem areas they have noticed lately. This allows me to sense their energy, and choose a Kriya that I know will benefit everyone’s mind, body, and spirit. Each day, each session, is driven by the energy that’s brought into the studio. Regardless of the stresses and various states of mind my students may be in to start, the sessions always progress in very much the same way.

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To those of you who may not know about Kundalini Yoga, or wonder why you should take a class, or better yet kundalini yoga teacher training, let me enlighten you on my personal experiences.

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The winter, going into the New Year, we start thinking about our habits, mostly those which we want to change or drop. Here is a way to ensure your progress goes smoothly. Ask yourself, “Does this habit resonate with my higher self?”, “Will this decision keep me healthy, and happy?”, “How will this choice impact my physical, mental, emotional, and social bodies?”. When you are feeling challenged, allow yourself to take a moment, breathe and ask yourself one or more of those questions. Give your neutral mind a chance to work for you. A way to keep your neutral mind, your emotions, and overall wellbeing in check is with a daily sadhana. Meditation and Yoga are key ways to stay healthy. Be safe this Holiday Season. Blessings to you and yours.

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Sat Naam Everyone,

I am participating in a Yoga Fundraiser Saturday, December 8th. Come join us for the day or for a set of Yoga and wellness.

Karma Yoga Fundraiser
When: Saturday December 8
Where: Potsdam Elementary School

Be of Mind, Body and Spirit this Holiday Season. All proceeds to benefit The St. Lawrence Valley Renewal House for Victims of Family Violence.

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I have not written on this blog in a very long time. I would like to share with you about my labor and delivery, before I start talking about yoga and nutrition.

As most of you know, I was pregnant, but as of September 21st, 2012 my beautiful daughter was born. This experience was very traumatic for me. You watch all the pregnancy/labor shows, attend all the classes, tour the hospital and understand meditation, breathing, and yoga. So you think you are going to be prepared and do well in Labor and Delivery. Wrong!

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