Habits, Golden Milk, and Yogi Tea

Posted 09 Dec 2013

The winter, going into the New Year, we start thinking about our habits, mostly those which we want to change or drop. Here is a way to ensure your progress goes smoothly. Ask yourself, “Does this habit resonate with my higher self?”, “Will this decision keep me healthy, and happy?”, “How will this choice impact my physical, mental, emotional, and social bodies?”. When you are feeling challenged, allow yourself to take a moment, breathe and ask yourself one or more of those questions. Give your neutral mind a chance to work for you. A way to keep your neutral mind, your emotions, and overall wellbeing in check is with a daily sadhana. Meditation and Yoga are key ways to stay healthy. Be safe this Holiday Season. Blessings to you and yours.

#Golden Milk Winter, and excessive work can bring on aches and pains. Try taking some Golden Milk to naturally relieve the inflammation. Here is a wonderful WebPage that gives you the recipe and has a little clip as well. I prefer to drink it before bed, and no more then 8oz to 10oz of fluid. It can have a diuretic effect. (Recipe: http://drarjan.com/turmeric-paste-golden-milk/ )

#Yogi Tea Keeping yourself healthy, and to help fight off colds, try drinking Yogi Tea. Here is a great recipe!
(Recipe: http://devsuroopkaur.wordpress.com/2011/01/23/yogi-tea-recipe-the-best-version-i-know-of/)

I am so thankful to the wonderful Kundalini, 3HO, and Sikh Dharma communities who share their knowledge of Yoga, nutrition, and wellness. Now I can share that with you too!